Our Process 

  1. First appt- I know you have many questions before choosing a financial advisor, this introductory appt. is all about you and determining if we are even the right fit together. No paperwork to sign, no reviewing statements, just determining if we can have a meaningful advisor client relationship for many years to come.


  2. Data gathering- during this appt I will then gather all pertinent financial data to establish a financial strategy action plan. Still no commitments or paperwork to sign, this is simply we have determined we will be a great fit to work together.


  3. This appt. we actually implement the strategies We've determined to be most advantageous to your financial future, and your particular financial goals-whatever they may be.


  4. Review your very first statement. Especially if you are new to investing, this can certainly be overwhelming-you won't understand all the symbols, dollar amounts, etc... We strive to make sure you understand how YOUR MONEY is working for you, exactly what it is supposed to do and how these particular investment strategies accomplish the financial goals we spoke about in appt. #3